DUSTED ARTS created by Nancy Kai & Elie Moughamess.

Dusted Arts is a transition from dust to art piece. Each object is so unique that creating a duplicate would be almost impossible. Merging an interior designer with a genius mind creates perfection in detail & inventive design solutions.

A perfect touch of creativity mixed with nature to create a one time design.

Product Design and Furniture Design in Lebanon
Lighting, tables, sculptures, wall art and furniture accessories.
They are mostly Dusted or hand made from scratch with new ideas collected by us.


Inventive + Nature + Genius Minds ➖ Dusted Art



For All Cigar lovers this is for you! 
Cigar tray with a liquid Candle to add a nice mood during your use.
A coaster to place your drink with a tumbler glass

A removable glass cigar ashtray

A cigar cutter

A place to add your own lighter 

An engraved line to place your cigar 
We are selling an experience.

Plate size 23.5 x 35 cm

Weight 2.5 kg + accessories

Material Concrete

The plate is handmade; its beauty is in the little imperfection unique to each plate.

You can customize it with a name. Tag name ‘Surname, first name (Or Initials) Special made by Dusted Arts with an additional fee.

Size 3.5 cm x 1.5cm


The flambeau can be filled with liquid oil.

With an option of adding anti-tobacco liquid to limit the smell of the cigar. Ideal for perfuming indoor air.

Deodorize effectively a room and eradicate tobacco smell.

Feminine Box 1.jpg
Gift ideas for him or her “The Valet Tra
Eid Mubarak - Enjoy this customized perf
Wall Brass Lights - Done for a customer

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